Did Imam Khomeini change his views about global arrogance during last years of his life?

Imam’s views in this regard from very beginning until his last moments of life were based on divine principles and values.

To answer the above question, it is necessary to pay attention to the following steps:

Imam believed that the global arrogance should not be allowed to dominate the global political system or meddle in the internal affairs of the oppressed nations or weaker countries.

After World War II, in addition to the US, the Soviet Union, and Britain, some of the Western countries were desperately attempting to dominate the regions comprising of oppressed nations around the globe.

 This phenomenon has been called as a modern colonization through which these arrogant powers had continued to exploit the resources of oppressed nations and violate their sovereignty.

Imam once said in this regard as following:

"We stand to the end and we will not build relations with the United States unless the White House stops oppressing the rest of the world in Lebanon and end meddling across the Persian Gulf region.” (Sahifeh ye- Imam J 19, p. 95)

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