Children received bonus of feast from Imam

Children received bonus of feast from Imam

A memoirs by Fareedeh Mostafavee

Mother had set a high condition regarding the buying of clothes for the feast for us the children. But we enjoyed very much when we used to get a bonus when there were different feasts.

 Imam at the time of different feasts like Nowruz one and Ghadeer and Mabas ones certainly used to give a bonus. During the years Mr. was in Tehran at the time when the new year was to come I had set a condition that I remain in our home.

 Though Nowruz feast in our home did not have much of an aspect of being official and it had to do with the same plate for sweets and later a plate for fruits was added to that.

Imam used to give the children gifts on this auspicious occasion of the Eid.

During the time of the feast and with the beginning of numerous arrivals of special guests at Imam’s home, tea and sweets were served to whoever came for greetings.

A memoirs by Fareedeh Mostafavee, the daughter of Imam, pp.42-43

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