Revolution under Imam Leadership brought about freedoms

Revolution under Imam Leadership brought about freedoms

 Imam Khomeini (Peace be upon him): this is a blessing that we have and that is from Islam and that is from the Islamic revolution; that is the big blessing called freedom

 Since the moment Imam enters the country and the first nucleus of the revolution's council gets into shape all of the tasks are concentrated in this center.

At that time it was not like this that Imam's communications get done only through us; finally the country's personalities, scientists, the dependents and friends of Imam permanently were coming and going and surely they used to be talking with Imam about something but he usually for making his decisions used to be coordinated with the revolution's council.

Whenever we had something that had to do with us or whenever we had something that had to do with Imam there was not a possibility for us to reach him since there were not much distance between our place and him.

 One of those days I was in Alavi seminary and I was then informed that Bakhtiar was arrested. The people got happy and they showed that they were glad. We too became very happy.

I finished the things that I was doing and I went to Refah school so that I could see if they have brought him or not. I asked some times but all of them said that they did not know that. Two or three days passed and there were no news. One day Imam asked for me and he told me: they have informed me that Bakhtiar has been arrested. Do some researches and see what is the matter. Do not let him escape and do not let him get away.

 As we did researches and we asked this and that person so that we could find a clue; we did not find out anything. Later in a special foreign report of Pars correspondence I read this that Bakhtiar had said:  I sometimes was in Iran and later with the help of those who were in the airport and they had in a covered way provided some facilities I escaped.

(Source:  Imam Khomeini (peace be upon him) based on the narration of Ayatollah Hashemee Rafsanjani, pp. 79-80)

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