Imam attracted faithful worldwide

Imam attracted faithful worldwide

Imam Khomeini (peace be upon him): the Shah went and the Pahlavi regime came down. Those went and they left many agitations and ruins and those God willing and through the ambition of the general public should be amended.

I on the 2nd day of the Persian month of Bahman went to Paris. Luckily I arrived at a good time.  Haj Ahmad as soon as he found out about my return he came to see me and he was happy. This is while he had not worn a cloak and his socks. We hugged each other and we kissed each other.

 He said very well and he said that you have arrived at a sensitive time. Now Seyyed Jalaludin Tehrani who is a distinguished member and an element of the council of monarchy has come to submit his resignation to Imam.

 Both of us saw Imam and we sat beside him. Minutes later news was received that the members of Iran's royal embassy in Paris want to see Imam and they want to shake hands with him and he had sympathy with them and excused them. Haj Ahmad said: one is necessary for him going to the embassy and him bringing them here.

 Together with some of our friends we went to Iran's embassy and we had the members of the embassy who were some men and women to get into the car and we brought them before Imam.

 When I brought them before Imam I first read this Ayah and I said: these are the members of Iran's embassy in Paris and they have come to express their support for you and the revolution and their hatred of the royal regime. Imam smiled and prayed for them.

Source: the book named a corner of the memories of Hojat al-Islam Seyyed Mahmud Doaee, pp. 192-193-- A corner of the lovely morals of Imam as they concern family and those who were close to him

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